About Yothalot

Yothalot is made, maintained and supported by Copernica, a leading provider of high quality marketing software located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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We develop software solutions for professionals to create, send and track emails. Besides that we love to contribute to the open source community. Check out our GitHub page for products that make developing your own application easier.

Copernica Marketing Software

With Copernica you can deliver relevant and timely communications using email, sms, landing pages and PDF.

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MailerQ is a high performance Mail Transfer Agent designed for fast and flexible email delivery. Efficiently deliver large amounts of email messages.

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Connect your app via SMTP or REST API and start sending emails through the cloud instead of your server. And gain access to detailed analytics from your sent emails including opens, clicks, spam complaints, and more.

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The PHP-CPP library is a C++ library for developing PHP extensions. It offers a collection of well documented and easy-to-use classes that can be used and extended to build native extensions for PHP.

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PHP-JS, a bridge between PHP and Javascript. Execute JavaScript right from your PHP script and share variables between JavaScript and PHP.

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