The Yothalot\Reducer class

The Yothalot\Reducer class is used to emit key value pairs from the mapper step. Therefore, the Yothalot\MapReduce interface requires that the map function takes the Yothalot\Reducer class as its second argument. This is the only place where you need the Yothalot\Reducer class.

The public interface of the Yothalot\Reducer class looks as follows:

class Yothalot\Reducer
    public function emit($key, $value);

As you can see the public interface does not have a constructor. Since you only use the class in the map function of your implementation of the Yothalot\MapReduce interface, where it is passed as an argument, you do not need one. The only member function of Yothalot\Reducer is emit.

Member emit()

With member emit you can emit key value pairs from the mapper stage. Emit takes two arguments. The first argument should contain the key value and the second argument the value value. The key and the value can contain a numeric or string value or an array of string and numeric values. Note that if you are using arrays, the keys in the arrays are ignored.